Rainbow candy opal necklace with fresh water button pearls and gold plated silver beads accents

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Joyful and colorful - whole rainbow in one hand!
Pick your favorite color from drop down menu or even combine them for a bolder look.
Magnetic closures are very easy to use. I used gorgeous natural opals in the variety of pastel colors, fresh water pearls and all metal parts are gold plated silver.
Necklaces are hand knotted - which takes a lot of time and patience, but as a result all beads are beautifully separated and necklace is more flexible.
Purple - 48 cm, beads 8 mm
Yellow - 43 cm, beads 8 mm
Blue - 44 cm, beads 9 mm
Red - 47 cm, beads 9 mm
Green - 47 cm, beads 9 mm